August 17, 2019

San Diego’s Little Italy brings you “Pirates Invade Sicily”– a blockbuster, fun-filled wild, wild romp—our biggest neighborhood bash yet—and the last!

A Pirate’s bounty of food, wine, beer, cocktails and—yes, there will be RUM awaiting you as you set sail on the XXXX ship
Ahoy, Maties—Here’s what to expect:

  • Davey Jones Locker Casino Fun
  • Hear them rustling skirts – them’s the dancing ladies!
  • Kick up yer heels to the live band
  • Yer having a shipload of fun while raising money for kid’s scholarships and to preserve Little Italy’s history!

Yo Ho Ho! It’s a Pirates Life for Me!

Under a Black Flag We Shall Sail!

A ship is always safe at shore—but that’s not what she’s built for! Avast, ye landlubbers! Come join us for the greatest Ferragosto adventure yet.

  • It’s out last event—but we’re pulling out all the stops!
  • From our Pirate castle: Food so good it deserves a pirate’s ransom
  • Live Entertainment and a Band worthy of a King’s ransom
  • Our charities deserve your support—and you’ll have a whale of time!
  • Come aboard, my maties ... here’s what you can expect:
    • Casino fun and winning that pirate’s booty
    • Raffles for trips and money
    • Live auction: vacation deals, real treasure, dinners at local restaurants, and much, much more
    • Dancing under the starry, starry night
    • Best food this side of Sicily

Our past parties proved it—Ferragosto is over-the-top-fun! It’s more razzle-dazzle just like “When in Rome,” “Venetian Masquerade,” “The Roaring 20’s,” “Pompeii,” and “Wild, Wild Western.”  This Ferragosto will top them all—pull out the stops—and raise thousands of dollars to support our charities.


  • Dancing under the starsa real Pirate’s Booty of Fun guaranteed to Shiver Ye Timbers!
  • Line dancing and boot-stopping great fun—


  • A rock’n/ride’em mechanical bull contest
  • Blackbeard’s Tavern – Strong Ale and Good Grub!
  • High-kick’n Pirate Gals
  • Davy Jones Casino – where “cashing in your chips” doesn’t mean walk’n the plank! It’s a treasure trove of Pirate Booty! Yours for the tak’n!

Fabulous Food
- Sicilian Style

Cocktail Hour presented by San Diego’s leading restaurants, tantalizing with their signature dishes ... Sicily’s finest bounty awaits prepared by: Buon Appetito, Davanti and many, many more.

Grabbing Great Deals at the Live Auction

  • Trips
  • Entertainment Packages
  • And many, many more!


With a 1 in 500 chance of winning—better than any lottery!

  • $3,500 Trip to Italy Raffle
  • $3,500 Cash Jackpot
    • First Prize $2,000
    • Second Prize $1,000
    • Third Prize $500

Giving Back
to the Community

A community is more than great restaurants, luxury living, cosmopolitan happenings, it’s families, homes, schools, and a spiritual retreat among the city’s hustle and bustle. This is what Ferragosto supports—it’s what we’re all about!

  • Ferragosto enriches the lives of children through the power of education; and supports the historical preservation.

  • Funds raised support the efforts of Little Italy’s three major nonprofit entities:

    • Little Italy Association, the Washington Elementary School Foundation, and Our Lady of the Rosary Church.

Pirates Invade Sicily — Ferragosto's 2019 Biggest fun bash starts at 6pm and won't let up till midnight!